Suncoast Skeptics Donate to SPARCC

Thank you to everyone in the Suncoast Skeptics and those beyond who donated during our drive for Safe Places And Rape Crisis Center. We dropped off the donations today and they were thrilled to see us and thanked us for our support. They also took a photo and will put it up on their website. So, thanks from me, from SPARCC, and from the women, men, and children being helped by the shelter.

Skeptics Charity Drive for SPARCC

We are holding our first ever charity drive, and we've picked SPARCC, the Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center, in Sarasota.

Do you live in the Sarasota area? Are you able to help us out in collecting and donating items needed to give care and support at SPARCC? Take a look at their needs list:

If you can help out, bring one or more of these items to one of our Meetup events which includes a notification that SPARCC DONATIONS ACCEPTED! These will be our Skeptics Cafe, Supper Central, and Trivia night events.

If you wish to donate but aren't coming to one of our meetings, let us know! We can arrange to have them picked up or dropped off at your convenience.

Bring your donations in August and September and help us give something back to an organization in need.

Thank you!