Suncoast Skeptics Speaker Series #2: Freedom Depends on Freethinkers

This second event in our Speaker Series features a church-state activist on the front lines

David Williamson is the founder of the Suncoast Skeptics and the Central Florida Freethought Community and was named the 2013 Florida Humanist Association's Humanist of the Year. David and the CFFC have been seen on national and regional news programs, read on websites such as, as well as mentioned on the Friendly Atheist blog and in the Wall Street Journal. 

This talk, presented on September 6, 2014 in Sarasota, Florida, offers some of the stories of those fighting local church-state issues, shows how social media can be used to find potential violations, and Williamson challenges everyone to find ways to protect freedom and fairness in governance.

Suncoast Skeptics Speaker Series #2

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 6, at 1pm we will host the second event in our Suncoast Skeptics Speaker Series. David Williamson, founder of the Suncoast Skeptics as well as the Central Florida Freethought Community, will present his talk titled, "Freedom Depends on Freethinkers." Please come out!

More information is available on the event Meetup page.

Further Info on Topics Discussed on Stratosphere Sarasota

I was a guest on the WSLR radio show Stratosphere Sarasota this morning and I'd like to offer sources for more information on the subjects that came up. 

Creationism in Public Education:

  • Butler Act: The Tennessee law that prohibited teaching of evolution and lead to the events in the Scopes Monkey Trial.
  • Scopes Monkey Trial: The famous trial that found John Scopes guilty of violating the Butler Act (later overturned on a technicality). 
  • Tennessee 'monkey bill': Recent Tennessee law that opens science classrooms to the injection of creationism and 'teaching the controversy.'
  • Schools teaching creationism and taking tax money to do so.
  • The Revisionaries:  Documentary which recorded events at the Texas School Board meetings which lead to insertion of pro-creationist verbiage in science textbooks.
  • Kitzmiller v Dover: The landmark case that stripped the Dover School District of the ability to insert creationism into public school science classes.
  • Of Pandas and People: The creationist-guided textbook which Dover attempted to provide to students and which popularized the term 'Intelligent Design.'

Town of Greece v Galloway:

The Hobby Lobby Decision:

  • The case which established the right of some corporations to refuse to cover some health care on religious grounds.
  • Satanists protest 'informed consent' based on this decision

Dr. Oz Appearing Before Congress:

Suncoast Skeptics Speaker Series: