Suncoast Skeptics Speaker Series

The Suncoast Skeptics Speaker Series is an ongoing series of talks and lectures offering to inform group members and the public about science, critical thinking, and evidence-based decision making on a wide variety of topics. Each talk is presented in a forum, such as a library, and available for free to members and the public (unless otherwise noted). The views in the talks are held by each speaker individually and may not represent the views of the Suncoast Skeptics, its directors, or its members. Below are the previous talks, with the newest at the top.

Suncoast Skeptics Speaker Series #2: Freedom Depends on Freethinkers

This second event in our Speaker Series features a church-state activist on the front lines

David Williamson is the founder of the Suncoast Skeptics and the Central Florida Freethought Community and was named the 2013 Florida Humanist Association's Humanist of the Year. David and the CFFC have been seen on national and regional news programs, read on websites such as, as well as mentioned on the Friendly Atheist blog and in the Wall Street Journal. 

This talk, presented on September 6, 2014 in Sarasota, Florida, offers some of the stories of those fighting local church-state issues, shows how social media can be used to find potential violations, and Williamson challenges everyone to find ways to protect freedom and fairness in governance.

Suncoast Skeptics Speaker Series #1: The 'Evolution' of the Creationist Agenda

Our first Speakers Series event took place today at Selby Library and was an educational look at the attempts to thrust creationism and intelligent design into public classrooms. The video is below. We'll add notes and references very soon. Please let us know if you enjoy this talk and what subjects you would like to see in the future. Thanks again to Tyne Hopkins Venzeio for her time and efforts on this!