Episode 60: Homeopathic "Facts"

On this episode, we discuss:

* Post-truth
* Homeopathic labelling
* Space travel for survival

Recorded on Thursday, November 17, 2016 and published (originally) on November 21, 2016 (corrected on November 30, 2016), featuring Tyne Venzeio, Randall Patterson, and Dave Nichols

Episode 57: Nasty Podcast

On this episode, we discuss:

* Teresa MacBain
* Third Presidential Debate
* Keeping Children Safe

Recorded on Thursday, October 20, 2016 and published Thursday, October 27, 2016, featuring Dave Nichols, Randall Patterson, and Tyne Venzeio.


Resources mentioned during the 3rd segment:

Pattie Fitzgerald - Safely Ever After


Protecting The Gift - Gavin de Becker


Robie H. Harris - It's NOT the Stork



Suncoast Skeptics Donate to SPARCC

Thank you to everyone in the Suncoast Skeptics and those beyond who donated during our drive for Safe Places And Rape Crisis Center. We dropped off the donations today and they were thrilled to see us and thanked us for our support. They also took a photo and will put it up on their website. So, thanks from me, from SPARCC, and from the women, men, and children being helped by the shelter.