Positively Doubtful - Episode 21: I Predict Me and Her Will Interface

On this episode, we wrap up some of the big stories of 2015, as well as looking at predictions made by psychics, then we make a few predictions of our own for 2016.

Recorded Thursday, January 7, 2016 and published Monday, January 11, 2016, featuring Dave Nichols, Randall Patterson, and Mandi Rivera.

Note that part of Mandi's audio was lost in the middle, sorry about that!

Positively Doubtful - Episode 19: Maximizing Your Singular Infinity

In this episode, we discuss:

* Male and female brains
* Right-wing-encouraged violence
* The science of bullshit

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Recorded on December 3, 2015 and published December 7, 2015, featuring Mandi Rivera, Randall Patterson, and Dave Nichols.

Positively Doubtful - Episode 18: Does a Water Bear Crap in the Woods?

On this episode, we discuss:

* Tardigrades
* Civil asset forfeiture
* DOJ and supplements

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Recorded on November 25, 2015 and published on November 30, 2015, 
featuring Dave Nichols, Mandi Rivera, and Randall Patterson.